At Creart we work to guarantee children and young people the right to education at the local level. Through art and creativity, we provide tools and resources to teachers and educators to reinforce their task of promoting critical awareness of the causes that generate violence. We understand that in a global context as well as the local level, where inequalities are increasingly accentuated, educational spaces (formal and out-of-school) play a key role in promoting learning that allows children to better understand the world and teaches them to live with a sense of co-responsibility and commitment.

Working from a point of view that reflecs on the situation where we are living creates an environemnt where we can better understand how we act and what relationship we have with our environment.

Education for Global Justice (EGJ) is a valuable framework for accompanying teachers, educators, children and young people so that they become more informed, more supportive and more mobilised against inequalities and violence.

As an organisation, we have a long history of education for peace through art projects in our country with different groups in formal and non-formal settings. In the last ten years we have carried out a large number of teacher training courses and workshops with children in more than thirty schools for positive conflict resolution and peace building. In recent years, we have been working in different schools on the curricular competencies of emotional education and values. Since 2016 our main alliance linked to formal education is the Rosa Sensat Teachers’ Association, who we collaborate with in different EpJG projects, training courses or within the framework of Summer School.

Within non-formal education, Creart has been carrying out technical advice and training in creative methodologies and peace education for teachers for ten years. We also run workshops for children at risk of social exclusion in shelters and open centres, as well as workshops on conflict resolution and environmental justice in children’s and young people’s recreational  spaces. In this area, Creart works in collaboration with different significant entities in the field of educational leisure, such as the Escuela Libre el Sol, in learning and service projects or with the Fundació Catalana del Esplai (Fundesplai) for the development of programmes at different esplais and through the training of educators.

At Creart we work in collaboration with the area, following the strategic pathways of the different districts or cities to complement them.


Video of the project “Camins i cruïlles de l’art i l’educació per a la Justícia Global”: