Towards the creation of a more critical, committed and active citizenship, Creart has specialised in the introduction of art and creativity as educational tools for global justice, education for peace, gender equality, co-education, interculturality, human rights and citizen participation.


Formal Education

School yard design projects

We create the work strategy and accompany the teams in the planning, identification and design for the transformation of school yards from co-education and attention to diversity.

Workshops on transformative education for children in schools

We accompany children and young people so that they become more critical, more informed, more supportive and more mobilised against inequalities and violence, connecting the local view to the global view, thus contributing to the creation of a more just and sustainable citizenship with people and the environment.

Our interventions can be  designed in line with the educational projects of the centres (PEC). We address issues of climate and environmental justice, gender justice, education in values and emotions, always using educational tools of art and creativity.

Training and accompaniment of educational centres

Teacher training is designed with the needs of each school in mind.

We are experts in the use of art and creativity in education for peace, values and emotional education.


Non Formal Education

Training for leisure educators

Expert advice and training in education for peace, emotional education and values, as well as education for global justice through creative methodologies for educators or those responsible for educational leisure spaces.

Learning and service projects

Designed together with other organisations, educational centres, etc., We address learning towards climate and environmental justice, gender justice, education in values and emotions … with a return to the community.

Training for educators in open centres and other municipal areas

Training in education for peace, emotional education and values is always adapted to the needs of the centres and is created under the umbrella of global justice.



Organization of community events

We design and promote events, conferences, installations and meetings together with organisations that celebrate anniversaries, adapting the proposals for each entity or administration and incorporating art as an way to address reflections on global challenges in an enjoyable and motivating way.


Exhibitions of photographs and artistic works produced within the framework of the projects that the organisation has carried out over the years. They are designed according to the demand of the town halls or municipal facilities that request them (civic centres, libraries and others). They include conferences, monographs, etc. with material gathered from field work. Veure Galeria



Art, creativity and conflict. Ways to educate

Dossier edited by Rosa Sensat, with contents by Chené Gómez and Marta Mercadé, with the support of Barcelona City Council.

How and why we can use art and creativity to question, transform and build proposals for improvement in the world around us by using practical resources working in the classroom with children and young people.

Colours in desplacement. Afghan displaced children and youth paint their lives.

 This book is a photobook that shows the artistic process carried out by Creart with Afghan refugees and displaced people in Iran and Afghanistan, in the framework of an NRC education project.


Pedagogical suitcase

Suitcaise «Roads and Crosses. Art and artists in children’s books»

The “Roads and Crosses. Art and artists in children’s books” suitecase consisting of an educational resource of more than a hundred books selected by the team of librarians of the Rosa Sensat Association. The suitcase is designed as a resource to promote reading, art and creativity in infant and primary education.

It is a resource available to schools in Catalonia. The selection of books is accompanied by an explanatory roll-up and a dossier that includes all the titles and the different modules (in total, six) that are proposed to work with the suitcase according to the target audience: Maleta pedagògica (PDF)

It can be ordered through the Rosa Sensat website or by contacting Creart: info@creart.org.es directly.