Creart is a non governmental, secular, independent and non-profit organisation that works to improve the quality of children’s education and their living conditions, using art as a tool for social transformation.



Creative education, a tool for transformation

Art is of vital importance to the integral development of a person; it is a useful tool to help us understand and question the world.




Art, creativity and conflict

Dossier, edited by Rosa Sensat, with content by Chené Gómez and Marta MErcadé and with the support of Barcelona City Council.

How, why and in what ways can we use art and creativity to question, transform and build proposals for improvement in the world around us by using practical resources and working in classes with children and young people.

Artivism from school

The First Conference on Artivism from is a meeting point for teachers, educators, NGO technicians and other professionals linked to formal and non-formal education where proposals are presented to connect educational teams, children and young people with the world through the arts.

Through seven plastic, scenic (theatre, music and dance) and photographic artistic experiences, we explore learning processes for all educational stages that value diverse societies, civic conscience and critical thought. The arts offer us many resources to move in an inspiring but forceful way along this path of education for global justice (EfGJ). This process of knowledge and critical analysis of reality aims to promote change in attitudes and practices from school and beyond, towards responsible, respectful and supportive citizenship committed to social transformation. Within this framework, educational processes become a strategic tool, both for their transformative potential and for their capacity to articulate the various agents that, from different fields, promote global justice.


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Escuela de otoño 2020-2021 - Rosa Sensat

Autumn trainig 20-21

The programming of the Autumn School for the 2020-2021 academic year by Rosa Sensat has been launched. Creart participates in the STEAM for Global Justice course where we will experience and investigate complex phenomena. Promoting STEAM literacy as a key tool to advance processes of critical thinking towards the world that we are both a part of and dependent on from the perspective of education for Global Justice.

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