Creart at local level

At the local level we work from an education for global justice framework to accompany different educational agents, children and young people so that they become more informed, supportive and mobilized against inequalities and violence.



In a world of global challenges and crises of different, interconnected natures (environmental, political, economic and social), inequalities between populations are increasing and this has devastating consequences for the most vulnerable groups. Education has a key role to play in building fairer societies.

Our current society is on a path towards changing attitudes, values and practices aimed at contributing to the creation of a more critical, committed and active citizenship, where it is crucial to introduce art and creativity as tools for working towards gender equality, co-education, interculturality, human rights, a culture of peace and citizen participation.


Creart’s intervention

  • We work with a variety of groups in both formal and non-formal settings.
  • In formal education, we provide teacher training and workshops with children in schools for the positive resolution of conflicts and the construction of peace, and we work to fit Creart‘s proposal into the curricular of the education in values.
  • Within non-formal education, we provide technical advice and training in creative methodologies and peace education for educators, as well as workshops with children at risk of social exclusion in shelters and open centres, and workshops on conflict resolution and environmental justice in children’s and young people’s leisure spaces.
  • We work in alliance with different significant entities of educational leisure, such as the Escuela Libre el Sol, in service learning projects, or the Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai (Fundesplai) in the development of programmes to different recreational centres and through the training of educators.
  • We are consolidating education for global justice (EpJG), both inside and outside the organisation. The result of this is the alliance with the Rosa Sensat Teachers’ Association, which allows us to bring the EpJG closer to teachers.